Special Situations in PE/VC Asset Class

We structure ad hoc transactions to address challenges faced by GPs or LPs

Co-Invest Promote and Deal-by-Deal Financing

We help GPs who are in-between funds and fundless sponsors raise capital for
acquisitions in the mid-market space

Raise Follow-on Capital for Existing Investments

Creative ways of raising capital for portfolio companies without getting severely diluted

Fund Restructuring

At times, it is LPs’ and the GP’s best interest to get a fresh start. The hardest part is to come up with terms that are fair and acceptable to everyone.

For GPs

Some LPs' reluctance to invest in a blind pool, and their preference for co-investments and direct investments; Changes in the typology of LPs; Changes in GPs’ economics


For LPs

Appetite for seeing high quality mid-market co-invest opportunities; Sell-Side advisory on secondary sale of LP positions; Buyl-Side advisory on secondary purchase of LP positions


Who We Are

RainMakers Private Equity, LLC (“RainMakers”) is an independent boutique investment bank providing a unique expertise in special situations within the PE/VC asset class. Our value proposition is to advise General Partners and Limited Partners in structuring specific transactions, which address the new challenges in the PE/VC landscape.
We have made a name for ourselves by being a pioneer in advising on complex transactions, and by being several years ahead of the game, foreseeing changes within the PE/VC asset class.

  • In 2005 we were providing sell-side advisory services for LP positions.
  • In 2006 we completed our first fund restructuring transaction, and had completed numerous such transactions before it became a trend within the industry.
  • In 2009 we started advising on co-investments and deal-by-deal financing, which has now become the bulk of our activity.