Co-Investment & Deal-by-Deal Promotion

In the current market conditions, fundraising for traditional blind pools have become a challenge for most Private Equity firms.
GPs need to adapt to the new environment and find alternative ways to raise funds.
RainMakers’ Co-Investment Program is an innovative way to fundraising by syndicating a deal into co-investment opportunities, which we place with LPs with whom we have mutual and long-established relationship.
The Co-Investment Program is an alternative to the traditional fundraising scheme, shifting perspectives into offering co-investment opportunities to the LP community, instead of seeking ever larger capital commitments from LPs.
Benefits to GPs include:

  • Path of least resistance in building a relationship with new LPs, who might eventually invest in GP’s next funds
  • GP benefits from a deal-by-deal carried interest scheme
  • Transitions into an on-going fundraising process, permanently maintaining contact with new potential investors, versus a stop-and-go fundraising process.