Advisory Services to GPs

RainMakers’ value proposition is to structure ad-hoc transactions in order to address specific situations which may arise during the lifetime of a VC/PE fund, such as:

  • The shift of interest from blind pools of capital towards co-investments and direct investments. 
  • Increased difficulty in fundraising within the old 2% and 20% paradigm;
  • Misalignment of interests between LPs and GPs when a fund is out of carried;
  • A fund reaching its term, but still holding considerable amounts of illiquid assets;
  • Unforeseen need of follow-on capital for portfolio companies;
  • A fund's need to provide liquidity to their investors;
  • Decreased LP appetite for a specific market segment.


RainMakers proposes various types of transactions which address these challenges, and allow GPs to take advantage of market inefficiencies and dislocations.

We have also engaged in more complex transactions such as structuring a warehousing facility for a fundless sponsor, or alternative debt as a source of financing for a PE deal.

We structure a transaction in a way that fits the investment strategy of a group of investors, and advise GPs in overcoming issues such as fund-raising, conflicts of interest with existing LPs, negotiations with existing and new LPs and completing a transaction.